Regrow Your Kitchen Scraps {Part 1} Romaine Lettuce

I’ve never been one to be great at keeping a beautiful garden. Quite frankly, I’m normally the one that starts a garden each year and somehow it dies very shortly after. I came across some interesting articles online about regrowing kitchen scraps and thought I’d give it a try – it seemed easy enough!

To regrow Romaine Lettuce all you have to do is cut the white bottom portion (like you typically do when you’re cutting lettuce) and stick it into a bowl, cup, or dish of water. ┬áLeave it in the water for a few days and it will begin to grow.

As you can see in the picture below, after about a week the lettuce will regrow and roots will begin to form. I pulled this out of the cup of water so you could see the details of what’s happening.


Now, it’s time to transplant it. Bury the celery up to where the new leaves have started to grow. Make sure to give it plenty of water. And presto – you have now started to regrow Romaine Lettuce from kitchen scraps! Over time it will continue to get larger and larger. Here’s what my “finished” product looked like after I transplanted it.


There are quite a few kitchen scraps that you can regrow, so this is only Part 1 of a series. Stay tuned, as we’ll show you weekly what else you can grow! :)

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